About Bridget Bertera


Bridget Bertera is an Intuitive Consultant and Investigator. She is a medium through heredity who has had an ongoing dialogue with spirits from a very young age. She has provided intuitive counseling and readings for over 25 years. As a medium she has provided solid leads and helped solve numerous cases. She holds a Masters of Forensic Sciences degree and is a licensed California Private Investigator #24285 Dempsey Forensic Investigations. She conducts a multitude of investigations including paranormal investigations and missing persons cases with her husband Michael who is also a California licensed private investigator.

Bridget offers intuitive consulting, conducts readings, seances, and other paranormal services. She has led psychic cemetery tours and has instructed others in how to connect with the deceased through Direct Intuition, Scrying, Mirror Scrying, Pendulum Dowsing, spirit board, and various other mediums.

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